Ghana Buddy Network is a social network product as a service that connects individuals and companies to AfreekaRadio project members, friends and businesses.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Security
    Our services are protected by what "we" call the "big 3" , Facebook, Google and Twitter.
    If you or your organisation consider their services secure then our services are secure enough for you.
  2. Data Protection
    "we" do not share our data with ANYONE, except through the secure services provided by the “big 3” and specific governments.
    If you hold any data with us, the only organisations that might have "legal" access to our data, are the following Governments, (UK, USA) (security services) and connection services Facebook, Google and Twitter and the data centres through which they operate (private or otherwise).
    "we" do not openly share any data with these organisations (except see 4:values), but by the very nature of “law” agreements in which our digital systems operate, they have systems and services for which they can, if they so wish, monitor our activity, practices and take appropriate-justified action.
  3. Products and Services
    "we" do not buy or sell products or services unless specifically introduced into/by AfreekaRadio projects.
  4. Values
    "we" have a Zero tolerance policy for any activity "we" deem unfit for business.
    In short, "we" may not immediately identify activities by companies or individuals that "we" deem not "fit for business" within our network, however if and when "we" do, "we" are obligated to strictly review and if neccessary report it directly to Government Authorities. This may include but not limited to queries and issues "we" feel we cannot ethically or morally justify or support.
  5. "we" reserve the right to modify or introduce stricter policies at any anytime, solely based on what "we" deem fit for business.
  6. Engaging with any of "our" products or services at anytime, means that you as an individual or organisation accept in full, the above terms and conditions.