Ghana Buddy Ghanaian Entrepreneur Basic 101

The basics of starting up a business in Ghana must start with simple principles of respect of all others, good family values - Christian or otherwise and above all, know thy-self.  Whilst watching the featured video attached, bear in mind the following tips.

Respect for All Others: Both men and women must begin with a genuine respect for each other and a belief that each can benefit the other without reservations. This does not mean that everyone is trustworthy, but we must have the willingness to trust. It's like the lottery, if you don't play you can't have an opportunity to win. Business today is about employing the right person for the job. It's important that Ghanaians remove all stigmas regarding the "lack of respect for the skill-set of women" or "the domination by men". Women are no different to Men when it comes to the work force, both are imperfect beings. Both Men and Women need to be clear to differentiate between what is "personal" and what is "business" and why both genders are an equal asset to be respected in any business arena.
Above all - Business is for the determined, hard-worker and the person who strives against all odds to work smarter not harder to make every thing they do in business a  success regardless of the "cards" they are dealt.

Good family values: Whether you are Christian, Muslim or religious in another manner, business is not about which deity is best to follow, business is about which human being to follow, a mentor, hero or heroine, manager or CEO etc. How do you judge which human being, You may ask?  The skills to make such a judgment starts with how family, including but not limited to, immediate parents, extended family and friends, regularly show you love and respect, coupled with discipline and continuos education.
As a highly religious nation, another powerful "mentor" for allot of Ghanaians is their local "Pastor". For example some people base the roots of their business work ethics through the use of Scripture. This only works, if they genuinely and continuously read, discuss and understand the pros, cons and challenges of scriptures. One cannot turn up to Sunday church and ask a Pastor to pray for you to prosper in business and expect to become successful. However a Pastor may be of benefit if he or she guides you in the many ways, that YOU can view and digest a chapter or verse, so that YOU can develop the skills to make your own judgements and decisions, and then later apply that learned skill-set for the benefit of your peers in the workforce.

Know Thy-self: YOU are a representative of a respected cultural Nation - Ghana. If you are Christian, Muslim or follow any other religious belief, always remember that, what ever bad business practices you indulge in today, WILL always have an affect on other employees and ultimately on the people who you love and love you back. With out a doubt, if too many people continue to follow "sneaky"  or corrupt business practices, the whole Ghana Nation suffers and will continue to broadcast a worldwide mistrust of Ghanaian business persons, both at home and abroad.

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